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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns

"Task Force" is a team established by the Board of Scientific Affairs of the American Psychological Association, to carry out research on intelligence. This article is a report of the team's findings. The report covers many areas such as the concepts of intelligence, the relationship between genes and intelligence and the group differences. What interest me most is the topic on 'Intelligece Test'.

The team claimed that people who score better in IQ test tend to do better in school and recieve more years of education. This is true to a certain extent. Children with higher IQ score tend to learn more of what is taught in school than their lower-scoring peers. They are likely to get good grades, and to be encouraged by teachers and parents. In general, they are likely to find the process of education rewarding in a way that many low-scoring children do not. That is why these children tend to remain longer in school. But, this does not mean that people who did badly in school or recieved little education are not intelligent. I believe that there are many ways to judge intelligence, not simply by academic reults. Many sportsmen are intelligent in their own areas of specialities. Brazilians footballer are renowned for playing intelligent and beautiful football but many of them are uneducated. Golfer Tiger Wood is extremely 'stupid' in school but when it comes to golf, he is number 1 in the world. There is no way we can judge someone through IQ test. IQ test neither test you on juggling the ball nor test you on how to beat someone in the ring. I believe everyone is intelligent in their own ways.
-Brandon faced death at 6:04 AM

Sunday, November 4, 2007

2nd Draft.

What are the problems that hinder ethical products from entering your country's mainstream consumer market? How can such problems be resolved?

Until recently, there has not been any heavy emphasis on the importance of ethical products in Singapore. It is because of the critical situation of our global warming and pollution that the government and related organization have to act right now. A recycling campaign has been set up and more ethical products are being brought into the market. But Rome wasn't built in 1 day; likewise, ethical problems could not be resolved that easily. Right now, ethical products could not enter mainstream consumer market because of the high cost price and the lack of awareness in most Singaporeans.

In Singapore, ethical products are much more expensive due to the low demand for them. When demand is low, the supply will be low too. Thus,distributors in Singapore are bringing in small amounts of ethical products at rather high prices.Many Singaporeans will not choose ethical products due to a limited budget, and the availability of other options further determined to turn away from the ethical goods. In the article written by Tan (2007), she claimed that many Singaporeans regard organic foods as too pricey and distributors are not bringing in quantities because the "critical mass" is not reached. Thus, the 'green' market in Singapore will not do well.To solve this problem, the Singapore government should help to reduce the tax on these import goods or even help to subsidise some part of the cost. This would greatly reduce the price of the ethical products. Singaporeans might consider changing their taste if the price is comparable. When the demand increases, the supply will follow and this leads to reduction in price due to the more evenly shared import cost. Supermarkets could do their parts by supplying more ethical varieties and restricting on non-ethical products. These solutions could help ethical products move towards mainstream consumer market.

As the emphasis of ethical products just came about recently, the awareness of the importance of using such products is still very low.Many Singaporeans, especially the elderly, do not understand why they should spend more on ethical products when they could get the same for a much lower price. According to Tan (2007), "of the over 5000 Honda Civic cars that agent Kah Motors sold last year, only 158 were hybrid - litre model." It is understood that the 1.3 litre hybrid model costs the same as a 1.8 litre non-hybrid model. In this case, most Singaporeans could not see the reason to spend so much for a smaller capacity car. The on going "Bring Your Own Shopping Bag On Wednesday" campaign organised by the supermarket giants is receiving negative responses from the public. The shoppers are unhappy that they have to pay extra money if they want a plastic bag. It is rather clear that most Singaporeans do not know what is going on with our earth and what is the purpose behind all the campaigns. To resolve this issue, proper education have to be provided to the public. Schools can educate young children on environment awareness right from their young ages. Then, we can ensure that our next generation will be more willingly to choose ethical products. For masses not in school, the government can reach out to them through the media or more campaigns on environmental awareness. When the mindset of the Singaporeans changes, the ethical products will move into mainstream more easily.

To solve the current environmental issues, ethical products have to be more readily accepted by the everyone. The government, schools , media and supermarket giants all have a role to play but what matters most is the individual. If everyone takes this ethical problem more seriously and put in a little more effort, the ethical products will very soon replace all harmful products in the market.
-Brandon faced death at 6:42 PM

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Movie Review - Bourne Identity

I feel that “Bourne Identity” s action scenes in this film are simply amazing. The plot, while simple, is at least interesting enough to keep you feel compelled to watch it intently.
“Bourne Identity” is a story about a secret agent whose life is desperately wanted by his own agency. He has been shot twice in the back during a mission and wakes up with amnesia after being rescued by a fishing ship in Marseilles. He has no idea who he is, why he was shot, and his only lead is the Zurich bank account number implanted in his hip6
As the on-the-run amnesiac hero of The Bourne Identity, Matt Damon, playing an assassin without a cause, gets to show off some very swift martial-arts moves, flipping his limbs around with the slashy percussive precision. In his first bona fide action role, Damon also speaks fluent French and German, and he escapes, brick by brick, down a wall in a scene that's taken from angles steep enough to give Spider-Man vertigo. When he walks into a room, he has a way of sizing up the place for potential killers as if his senses could lead him in 12 directions at once. As ''The Bourne Identity'' goes along, the hero's survival hinges on his ability to unravel the mystery of his identity.
The life force of the film resonates from its two lead stars, Damon and Potente, who not only share a charged chemistry together, but manage to make their characters convincing and easily accessible. The movie is made watchable on a fundamental level through their outstanding performances; without them, "The Bourne Identity" is just another thriller riddled with recycled ideas, run-of-the-mill action, and not-so-shocking twists and turns.
-Brandon faced death at 9:58 AM

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Paragraph 1

What are the different ways in which intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence contribute to the development of an undergraduate?

Intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence contribute to the development of an undergraduate in different ways. Intellectual intelligence is the ability to show high mental capacity. It helps an undergraduate to learn and understand what is being taught in class, analyze difficult questions and think critically for solutions to their problems. Also, it gives the student the ability to carry out good planning and organizing.Thus, intellectual intelligence enables an undergraduate to perform well in his academic context as well as interests. Emotional intelligence, in contrast, is the ability to understand and manage emotions. It helps an undergraduate to understand not just his own emotions but also the feelings of people around him. He can control and manage his emotions and always act rationally.When facing problems, he is able to motivate himself and friends around him. With emotional intelligence, the student is able to work well with people thus forming a great rapport with fellow schoolmates. Unlike intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence enables an undergraduate to cope well with stress, work well with friends and enjoy an interesting university life.
-Brandon faced death at 12:03 AM

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Life's Meaning

Everybody in this world is unique, each leading their lives with their own set of principals and beliefs. As for myself, my principal is to be realistic and excel in whatever i do.
Education is obviously highly emphasised in Singapore and this fast paced society has trained me to be realistic. There is no room for dreaming and results mean everything. Without an advanced academic certificate, it will be difficult to get a high paying job which is important when the cost of living is so high. Thus from young, i tried to perform well in my studies and eventually i had this 'Winning' mindset integrated.
During my national service, i managed to get into the the Officer Cadet School and was further trained to excel. As reflected in our slogan, "To Lead, To Excel and To Overcome."
While we are busy fighting in this urban jungle, we should never neglect our family and love ones. Just think about it, how will this world be without them?
-Brandon faced death at 8:40 AM

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


-Brandon faced death at 7:44 AM